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Nancy Knowlton

Brian Allan: Ecology of Infectious Diseases
Alison Bell: Behavioral Ecology
May R. Berenbaum: Chemical Ecology
Jeffrey Brawn: Avian Ecology
Carla Cáceres: Aquatic Evolutionary Ecology
Zac Cheviron: Physiology and Evolution
Jim Dalling: Tropical Forest Ecology
Evan Delucia: Plant Ecology & Global Change
Rebecca Fuller: Fish Evolutionary Genetics
Katy Heath: Genomics of Mutualisms
Feng Sheng Hu: Ecosystem Ecology
Matthew Hudson: Bioinformatics & Genomics
Kevin Johnson: Avian & Insect Systematics
Angela Kent: Microbial Ecology
Andrew Leakey: Plants & Global Change
Jian Ma: Comparative Genomics
Ripan Malhi: Molecular Anthropology
Andrew Miller: Fungal Biodiversity
Ken Paige: Evolutionary Ecology
Surangi Punyasena: Paleobotany
Hugh Robertson: Insect Genomics
Gene Robinson: Bee Behavior & Genomics
Al Roca: Conservation Genetics
Sandra Rodriguez-Zas: Bioinformatics
Karen Sears: Evolutionary Development
Saurabh Sinha: Computational Genomics
Andrew Suarez: Ant Ecology & Evolution
Rachel J. Whitaker: Microbial Genomics
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STRI Mentor

Nancy Knowlton

Research Interests

My research focuses on the diversity and conservation of life in the ocean in general and on coral reefs in particular. Over the last decade I have worked on cryptic species, the phylogenies of corals and shrimps, rates of molecular evolution across the Isthmus of Panama, the diversity and ecological significance of microbial symbionts of corals, alternate stable states, and the ecology of pristine coral reef ecosystems. For many of these projects, evidence from ecology, reproductive biology, morphology and genetics was combined to give a broader understanding of marine biodiversity. Currently, I help lead a project to combine next-gen sequencing with standardized sampling to estimate how human activities and other factors influence patterns of marine biodiversity across the globe. I also lead a variety of outreach efforts, including the Ocean Portal and the Beyond the Obituaries initiative, and am interested in how the arts and social media can support ocean conservation.

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