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Don Windsor

Brian Allan: Ecology of Infectious Diseases
Alison Bell: Behavioral Ecology
May R. Berenbaum: Chemical Ecology
Jeffrey Brawn: Avian Ecology
Carla Cáceres: Aquatic Evolutionary Ecology
Zac Cheviron: Physiology and Evolution
Jim Dalling: Tropical Forest Ecology
Evan Delucia: Plant Ecology & Global Change
Rebecca Fuller: Fish Evolutionary Genetics
Katy Heath: Genomics of Mutualisms
Feng Sheng Hu: Ecosystem Ecology
Matthew Hudson: Bioinformatics & Genomics
Kevin Johnson: Avian & Insect Systematics
Angela Kent: Microbial Ecology
Andrew Leakey: Plants & Global Change
Jian Ma: Comparative Genomics
Ripan Malhi: Molecular Anthropology
Andrew Miller: Fungal Biodiversity
Ken Paige: Evolutionary Ecology
Surangi Punyasena: Paleobotany
Hugh Robertson: Insect Genomics
Gene Robinson: Bee Behavior & Genomics
Al Roca: Conservation Genetics
Sandra Rodriguez-Zas: Bioinformatics
Karen Sears: Evolutionary Development
Saurabh Sinha: Computational Genomics
Andrew Suarez: Ant Ecology & Evolution
Rachel J. Whitaker: Microbial Genomics
Last Name

STRI Mentor

Don Windsor

Research Interests

Tropical leaf beetles genome comparisons in the subfamilies Chrysomelinae and Cassidinae including species:

  • with and without maternal care,
  • with and without aggregated larval feeding and coordinated movement,
  • with differing egg-laying habits (oviparity vs ovoviviparity),
  • with and without elytral color and pattern polymorphism,
  • feed on monocots, others on dicot host plants,
  • with and without extreme dietary (host plant) specialization,
  • with and without Wolbachia and Spiroplasma reproductive bacterial symbiont infection,
  • with differing species of vertically-transmitted gut bacteria symbionts.
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