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Applying to IGERT

Applying to IGERT is a two step process.  Prospective students need to 1) apply to a participating graduate program at the University of Illinois and 2) be nominated for participation in the IGERT program. Interested students can be nominated by a potential advisor or they can nominate themselves. The process is simple,  you need to fill out a short form and upload two documents: your c.v. and a short essay explaining why you think you would be a good fit into the program.

It is not required to have chosen an advisor prior to applying to the program. However, we strongly suggest that you make contact with faculty with whom you share a research interest before applying. It helps the admissions committee if a link between a student and potential advisors or research areas can be identified. For a list of active participants in VInTG see the Faculty Mentors page.

The VInTG IGERT Program at Illinois is no longer taking new applications.

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