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A New IGERT training program at the University of Illinois. Our goal is to produce a new generation of biologists with novel training that provides a modern blend of genome-enabled biology and taxon-centered expertise, with specific emphasis on how the genome and the environment interact to give rise to diversity. With this skill set, graduates of our IGERT program will be at the leading edge of genome-enabled science allowing them to address fundamental challenges of both academic and societal importance.


Connect with members of leading institutes

The University of Illinois,  partnered with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), have made available a diverse pool of mentors for students.

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Reserach Efforts

Strong partnerships and cutting edge resources

Be a part of an interdisciplinary team gaining knowledge of genomics and bioinformatics with a comprehensive grounding in the biology of organisms.

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IGERT & Illinois

Team-based, collaborative approach

Combining state-of-the-art training in genomics and bioinformatics, with a vertically integrated, taxon-oriented, perspective.

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Start your experience

Have you already applied to a graduate program at the University of Illinois or are you interest in learning about how to apply to IGERT?

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